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Often the horsemanship we are taught is about control and pressure. It can be hard to remember to enjoy horses when both horse and handler are under pressure to conform and perform. But there is another way...


Judith Edel of Positive Equitation teaches a different way of training horses, using positive reinforcement, rewards, encouragement and easy stages to help you and your horse achieve your goals - and have fun in the process!

Judith is a Connection Training Coach, Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and Enlightened Equitation Teacher, and can help with handling, groundwork and riding, using positive reinforcement (clicker) training. Judith offers online coaching, live coaching, horse agility events and competitions, seminars and lecture courses, all aimed at helping you put the fun back into horsemanship.

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Positive Equitation -

Making Horsemanship Fun

Online Coaching Worldwide

Events and Training throughout Wales

and Southern/Central England


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