Horse Agility

Horse Agility is not only fun, it's also excellent training for both horse and handler, helping to strengthen the relationship and bonds that hold the partnership together. The obstacles invloved in Horse Agility will help your horse (and you) become confident over strange surfaces, walking past and through 'scary' things, and improve your communication; your horse will learn to listen to you, and you will learn to listen to your horse. 


Once you have established a positive and safe relationship working your horse from the ground all the obstacles can be trained and completed at liberty, without the hindrance of a headcollar or lead rope - in fact the more Horse Agility you do, the more you will find that the rope just gets in the way! By training Horse Agility using positive reinforcement the horses enjoy it as much as the handler.


The International Horse Agility Club runs monthly online competitions as well as Real Time competitions at various locations around the world. 


Judith and Pip (pictured here with his other handler) compete regularly at Horse Agility, and were European Liberty Horse Agility Champions in 2015. 

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