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Horse Agility

Horse Agility; going under, through, over, around, and between lots of different obstacles, both in hand and ridden, to build your horse's confidence in you and your confidence in your horse. Your horse will learn to enjoy walking across strange surfaces, welcome scary things, and enjoy playing with you. Horse Agility is not only fun, it's also excellent training for both horse and handler, helping to strengthen the relationship and bonds that hold the partnership together. Working over the obstacles will improve your communication; your horse will learn to listen to you, and you will learn to listen to your horse. By training Horse Agility using positive reinforcement the horses enjoy it as much as the handler.

Contact us if you would like to organise a Horse Agility event or competition at your yard, or would like to know more about this fun equestrian sport. 

The International Horse Agility Club runs monthly online competitions both in hand, at liberty, and ridden, with 'walk only'classes for competitors who have impaired movement. As a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer I follow the principles and ethos of the Horse Agility Club, focusing on relaxation and enjoyment in both horse and rider. 

Judith is also one of the judges for the monthly Tölt Club Boldness Challenges for Icelandics and other gaited horses. 

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